Business Life Insurance

An essential part of any business owner's planning is a fully funded up-to- date Buy-Sell Agreement.

The business owner can be assured that: The surviving owners can take over the deceased's interest quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to the day-to-day operation of the business; and the family of the deceased will receive fair market value for the entity on a timely basis without the need for drawn out negotiations and/or litigation.

Business continuation planning provides additional benefits:

A buy-sell agreement helps assure a comfortable retirement for the business owner. After spending a lifetime developing the business, a retiring owner is assured his/her interest will be bought on agreed-upon terms and for fair market value.

A well structured agreement protects the owner's family from both the cost and delay of selling the entity from a weak bargaining position. Survivors are freed from the difficult task of selling a business where they have had little or no experience.

A buy-sell agreement allows surviving owners to move forward with everyday business activities without protracted litigation or interference from family members or "silent partners". Creditors and suppliers are re-assured of the ongoing economic viability of the business entity.

Establish a set valuation for estate tax purposes possibly avoiding a drawn out dispute with the IRS over the value of the business.

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