Estate Planning

Simply put, estate planning is a method to preserve and tranfer what you have worked hard to accumulate.

Our focus is to minimize the impact of estate and gift taxes as well as administrative expenses, attorney's fees, and executor's commissions.

You will realize desired results with the use of selected trusts and techniques to remove assets from your taxable estate.

Our staff of qualified estate planners, tax experts and legal advisors will guide you through the complex regulations while arriving at an understandable solution to your estate and financial problem.

Important Considerations:
  • Are life insurance contracts subject to estate taxes?
  • Have I maximized my estate tax credit?
  • What type of insurance is funding my irrevocable life insurance trust?
  • How will outstanding debts be treated at death?
  • Do I pay New York State estate and gift taxes?
  • Is gift splitting allowed and what is the maximum gift allowable?
  • Is it necessary to coordinate income and estate tax planning?
  • What type trust should be used to achieve my financial objectives?


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