Policy Audit

We provide independent, impartial financial advice that is not commission driven. Whether your questions are regarding an existing insurance plan or a desire to obtain third party advice on the purchase of a new policy, we can assist you and your advisors in reaching an informed decision. Based on a pre-determined minimum fee schedule, our experienced staff of Financial Advisors will review your existing life insurance portfolio. Our fee schedule will be provided on request and is a flat (not hourly) schedule.

Commission driven products may have influenced policy type and amounts that may not be appropriate to meet your financial needs and strategies.

Changes in mortality charges, interest rates and contractual provisions dictate a complete analysis to achieve the maximum benefit from your life insurance program. Information will be provided with regard to the mortality assumptions used in the pricing of your policy, since more current assumptions may reduce your premium outlay.

If desired, our analysis will be shared with your existing insurance broker or life insurance agent to coordinate our recommendations.

Our objective is to provide advice that will minimize premium outlay for maximum protection while maintaining your financial objectives.

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